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Pashmina popularly known as cashmere is a precious fibre gathered from high Himalayan goats. Pashmina is the softest wool found in nature. It grows softer with use. One Pashmina fibre is 1/6 the diameter of human hair. The annual growth of three goats is required to produce one Pashmina shawl.

A Pashmina shawl is a classic accessory that will add sophistication to any outfit. Pashmina will perhaps be the hottest wrap item in the new millennium. Our quality of Pashmina is unmatched.

We maintain a high degree of ethnicity, keeping the western taste intact to produce the most finest Pashmina sought by the buyers and fashion stores the world over.

Our products are pure and we guarantee for authenicity and purity. we produce our products under strict watchful eye of experience qualified team. we can assure you our products are finest in the world.

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